About Us

Giganplast was founded in the 1950s by ​​Francesco Gigante, who first realized the potential of plastic and created an innovative business for the time.

In the early 1960s, we printed the first isotactic polypropylene trays using IMI injection machines. Engineer Natta – Nobel laureate for chemistry in 1963 – examined the samples in the laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano University and authorized the large-scale use of the new plastic material, inaugurating the great diffusion of Moplen.

Today, we produce around 6,000 pieces a day, stored in our 9,000 m2 warehouse.

We work in Italy and abroad with the aim of growing day after day, especially at an international level. Each phase is subjected to scrupulous checks to maintain high-quality levels in compliance with non-toxicity standards. We make excellent products with a modern and functional line, using next-gen technologies, certified polymers, and selected quality materials that we handle with care.

We specialize in the molding of plastic materials, particularly in the production of tools for the food industry, professional catering and containers for the separate collection of waste.